Nokia Innovation Moves In at TEDx Saclay 2018

Nokia Innovation Moves In at TEDx Saclay 2018

Nokia Paris-Saclay demonstrated its Move-In-project during the last TEDx Saclay 2018 edition November the 27th. 2018 theme was DATA’BANG, the day-to-day data revolution, which took place in St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.
Among the most important TEDx (TEDx: Technology, Entertainment, Design) franchise events in France, at the heart of the Paris-Saclay center of excellence, TEDx Saclay is at the forefront of science, technology and innovation at the service of society and was founded by two Nokia employees, Assya and Christian Van Gysel. The event is sponsored by Sylvie Retailleau, Paris-Saclay University President and Cedric Villani, the Field Medal mathematician leading the AI strategy definition for France, and also an elected departmental deputy.

The atmosphere was electric during the event, which brought together 10 speakers at the conference, 12 exhibitors at Innovation Village, and over 1300 attendees. It was organized thanks to the joined efforts of some 60 volunteers and 35 financial partners.

Our knowledgeable speakers presented the multiple facets of this fascinating DATA’BANG topic and its impact on our lives: Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, legal, biotechnology…

  • Jules Zaccardi : Be careful with figures. From media to political groups through advertising, the reality behind the stories we are told can be completely different. So ask the right questions to understand the full story!
  • Jean-Philippe Lachaux : Who is taking care of our brain health in our hyper-connected society? Thanks to new findings in neuroscience, it is key to educate people, and children in particular, on how to improve our attention.
  • Raphaël-David Lasseri : In the Data Bang arena how to link data quantity and data quality ? Researchers are critical by nature, and are key to help assess available information for our modern society.
  • Florent Kirchner : Digital technologies profoundly affect a delicate balance crafted, in some cases, over centuries or even millennia. What are the options to create the conditions for an age of digital enlightenment and renewed trust?
  • Thomas Boudalier : Be a stakeholder (an actor) in the Data Bang transformation. It is up to each individual to decide not to suffer from it, but to be an actor our own choices.
  • Vincent Couronne : How legal expects are key to understanding political content. Thanks to « the Highligters - Les Surligneurs » this is now possible. You will be able to understand what is true or false from a legal stand point!
  • Rand Hindi: Companies are using the data we are sending over the social media and over the connected devices. One major drawback of using them is to lock us in our own information bubble. This would be a danger as innovation and creativity are dependent upon diversity!
  • Claude De Loupy: Let’s take action in favor of information ecology !
  • Jonathan Weitzman: Your genome is like an enormous book crammed full of data about who you are, where you come from and what your future might look like. We have only just begun to read this book. The epigenome are probably the most exciting books, the beauty and the poetry of this ancient text can teach us about what makes each of us unique.
  • Nozha Boujemaa: How can we trust decisions made by Artificial Intelligence? We are all concerned. International coordination is needed with actors from many horizons: scientific, industrial, regulatory, political, and legal, in addition to regular citizens.

“Welcome to the TEDx Innovation Village”
38 start-ups and subject matter experts made up this portion of the event, a free exhibition open to everyone as a public service to promote awareness of new technology, dubbed the “Innovation Village”.

From Nokia Paris-Saclay, (clockwise in photo) Eric Lacombe, Ayoub Benyahya, Bertrand Marquet, and Sylvie Barusseau were on hand to present our Move-In Saclay project, around the future of transportation in the Saclay area.
Other innovations presented in the Village: Practical use cases for virtual reality in training and data storage; how Big Data is enabling an autonomous train project; “Terre et cité” ( , to intelligently preserve the agricultural spaces in the heart of our own French Silicon Valley; and how algorithms can help an earlier diagnosis of cancer.
Purposely set up in a public shopping mall, for optimal proximity to the broader population, this smart exhibit allowed average citizens from all walks of life - teenagers, elderly, business people, and casual shoppers – to learn about these aspects of the digital revolution that concern us all.

“What on Earth came over me ???” - an account from an unlikely attendee…

What came over me, me who usually stays home, to go to Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines to attend this conference? On a week night, on top of it! What’s more, for a TEDx conference that will be recorded for replay via the web in a few days! I could have waited, as I do very often. But no ! I jumped on the opportunity, like a hungry ogre … And yet, reading the program, only one or two speakers aroused my interest! So what possessed me to check out this one?
It has to be noted after the fact that all the subjects proposed have proven to be very interesting, and some even exciting … After this evening, this live “show” (more than a basic conference) that will have awakened my senses, and quenched my thirst for sharing and new knowledge, I can not help thinking that this is synchronicity.
Yes, we can say that all this has resonated and still resonates in me. The vibration is there … “A good vibe! “, I should say…
So I want to send a big “Thank you! ” to the organizers.
A big thank you for your commitment to create these idea exchanges, and make them accessible to everyone.
Thank you for sharing your passion. Thank you for allowing me to attend this TEDx to enjoy this amazing energy.
Thank you, and see you soon without a doubt.
Follow Arnaud’s example and check out the next TEDx Saclay edition in November 2019.

– Myriam Fatène